#48757 Aud Schjødt Fredriksen

ASE Ambassador 2018 - 19 #48767 Aud Schjødt Fredriksen

Milestones in JCI career:

Became a member of JCI in 1985.

Awarded Senator In 1991.

Project leader and participated in many project, local, national and international.

Ambassador ASE, Liaison for European Conference, Special Assistant for ASE President.

Participated in 31 World Congresses, 30 European conferences, and numerous other

national and international events.

Professional background:

Running my own business for 35 years.

Educated as male and female Master Hairdresser, hair analyst and Hair-system specialist.

Business administration, management and leadership training.

Chairman and board member in lots of national and local boards during the last 30 years.

Main objectives as Ambassador will be:

Working close with the ASE President and board members.

Establish good contact with all countries I am Ambassador to.

Inform and support all countries with everything they need so we can co-ordinate the

European Senate.

Visit the Senate in every country I am Ambassador to.


Elected/participated in The Association of Senators in Europe Board, (ASE Board):

Ambassador in 2006/07, 2007/08, 2015/16, 2017/18: and the countries has been UK, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Netherland, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia.

Liaison to EC Budapest in 2008/09, and assistant to ASE President Clare Ashton.

Liaison to EC Aarhus in 2009/10.

Special assistant to ASE President Ellen Olsen in 2014/15

Ambassador 2018/19 Responsible to that every country have a one to one contact. This year it means I am responsible for 16 Chargès d`affaires and being a Chargèe d`affaires myself to 5 countries.